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Every contractor who signs a construction contractor form has a chance to negotiate terms of that agreement. Relatively few private jobs are done on a take-it-or-leave-it basis on printed construction contract forms offered by the owner. Most residential, commercial and industrial contracts are negotiated between the property owner and the contractor. Many contractors offer to prepare the contract simply because the property owner can't or doesn't want to try. On most jobs, the construction contractor starts contract negotiations simply by submitting a written bid. Attaching one of your Pennsylvania construction contract forms to that bid makes it easy for your client to say "Yes."

Of course, not every client will be eager to do business on one of your contractor forms. Some will offer their own contract. Others will object to specific terms in the agreement you offer. What then? No problem. That's the way it's supposed to be – negotiation. The better you and your clients understand the Pennsylvania construction forms you offer, the less likely any surprises and disputes.

But no matter what objection a client may have to the contract you offer, it's always better to do business on a contractor form you've developed. Don't get caught doing business on a defective construction contract form.

The contractor forms you draft with Pennsylvania Construction Contract Writer can tilt contract bias any way you want, either in favor of the property owner, neutral or in your favor. Regardless of the contract bias, all forms will comply perfectly with Pennsylvania law. Click to link to a free trial download of PA CCW.

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